You are adept with PaciFist neural disruptors and other personal firearms, including their field stripping, repair, and identification. For game-mechanical simplicity, this skill also covers bows and arrows, crossbows, beam weapons, neural disruptors, squad weapons (mortars and machine guns), shoulder-fired missiles, and the like.

Operating heavy artillery requires either Vehicles (for self-propelled guns, weapons mounted on tanks, and weapons mounted on air or watercraft), or Tinkering (for catapults, ballistae, trebuchets, and the like). Throwing grenades uses Athletics.

The most common ranged weapon used by TimeWatch agents is the PaciFist, a chronomorphic neural disruptor which only works at Point-blank or Close range (and which can double as a Scuffling weapon for agents who prefer that ability). A PaciFist knocks its victim unconscious with an invisible and silent energy beam.

As with Scuffling, go ahead and narrate your Shooting actions. Saying “I fire off a hasty shot that hits her her mid chest, knocking her backwards!” makes the game a lot more fun than saying “I shoot her.”

Booster: Double Tap. If your Shooting rating is 8 or more, you can shoot a second time during the same action. The second shot is performed at a +2 Difficulty. It doesn’t need to be announced until after the first shot is resolved,
and does not have to be aimed at the same target.

Shooting multiple targets can be expensive, but short of automatic weapons, throwing grenades or chronally duplicating yourself (a dangerous proposition!) it’s the only easy way to target more than one enemy in the same attack. Use this for quickly taking down Mooks and other antagonists with low Health.


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