You’ve got a talent for engineering, making you skilled at building, disabling, repairing, and operating both mechanical and technological devices.

  • You’re trained with high explosives, and can use Tinkering to set and detonate explosives. It’s assumed you start with one instance of explosives if you want them, and you can use Preparedness to gain more if needed.
  • Given the right components, you can create jury-rigged devices from odd bits of scrap. This use of Tinkering mirrors the Preparedness ability, although it usually takes some time and a safe workplace to construct a device.
  • You can briefly rig weapons to be more effective; see each section on various weapons.
  • You can construct and fire siege engines
  • You can work on devices ranging from classic pit-and-pendulum traps to high performance vehicles.
  • If you also have one or more points in Science!, you can use Tinkering to create or repair electronics, obscure future technology and super-science devices
  • If you also have one or more points in Hacking, you can use Tinkering to write software and make contested computer-related and hacking-related rolls
  • If you also have two or more points in Timecraft, you can use Tinkering to build or repair a time machine, or to construct chronomorphic technology that changes its shape to match its current time period

Tinkering doubles as an investigative ability when used to:

  • evaluate the quality of workmanship used to create an item
  • determine the identity of a handmade item’s maker by comparing to known work by that individual
  • examine explosives or the site of an explosion

Booster: Rapid Deployment. If your Tinkering rating is 8 or more, you can complete a Tinkering task in half the time it would take someone without this booster. For Tinkering tasks that normally take one round, such as overcharging a PaciFist to boost its Stun rating or range, you can perform the Tinkering action in the same round as you fire the weapon.


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