You’re a skilled driver and pilot, able to wring high performance from vehicles ranging from Roman chariots to race cars, from zeppelins to spaceships, and from sailboats to submarines. This includes precision operation of your autochron or other time machine, as appropriate to your campaign.

With a successful Vehicles test, you can:

  • evade or conduct pursuit
  • avoid collisions, or minimize damage from collisions
  • perform driving or piloting stunts
  • spot tampering with a vehicle
  • conduct emergency repairs
  • maintain control of teams of horses, oxen, or other animals
  • successfully drive off-road (or pilot through difficult seas) without bogging down or wrecking, assuming even minimally hospitable terrain

You know how to operate one type of vehicle for every point you have of Vehicles. You do not need to specify every vehicle type before play begins. A vehicle type added at an opportune moment does not represent suddenly learning how to drive a hovercraft, but simply previous training or retroactive experience you’ve never had call to mention until now. (You’re in a time travel game, however. If it’s more fun to announce that you quickly clock out, take lessons, learn the new skill, and then clock back in at the exact same instant you left, then go for it. The game effect is exactly the same, and it’s probably more fun.)

Booster: Keep Up. If your Vehicles rating is 8 or higher, your allies can piggyback during a chase or time chase scene even when they would not normally be allowed to do so (due to characters piloting separate vehicles). If you take the lead on piggybacking a Vehicles contest, characters who are unable to pay the 1 point cost from their Vehicles pool only raise the Difficulty of the attempt by 1 instead of 2. Note that Keep Up doesn’t work with horseback chases, because riding horses uses Athletics instead of Vehicles.

Talk to your group during character creation; if one character focuses on Vehicles and plans to lead most group tests during chase scenes, the other characters may be able to get away with investing fewer points in the ability.


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